Training Videos/DVDs

This is a medium very near and dear to our hearts. We produce great training videos! We can make a video about changing light bulbs appealing and meaningful, and the participant will learn something they never knew about the process before! DVD training products feature high quality video, and can be played on most of today’s computers and home DVD systems. One thing we all know – people like to watch videos, and this alone makes it a highly effective way to deliver training. DVD training also meets the requirements of Section 508, if that’s a consideration for your training project.

From training highly technical skills to the softer side of customer interaction skills, from the executive to the manager to the line worker, we’ve developed effective training videos.  We have the critical eyes, ears, and experience to render the highest quality production, whatever your needs and whoever your audience. We were one of the first DVD authoring facilities in the Rocky Mountain Region, and have made numerous presentations on DVD training programs and production management. We regularly speak at the Rocky Mountain Film and Video Expo on DVD and new media applications.

Click here to see portfolio samples of our completed Training Video/DVD Productions, then give us a call to discuss your specific project.