Training Evaluation Tools & Systems

World-class training is carefully crafted and powerfully delivered, but that’s not the end of the process. Just as the beginning stage is the needs assessment, the final stage is evaluation. This is when the value of your training effort, or the need for some additional tweaking, becomes clear.

Evaluation is a crucial, yet often overlooked stage of the training cycle. If it’s taken too lightly or skipped altogether, how can you possibly know if you got the expected return on your training investment? The Sexton & Company team works with your organization to determine if training objectives have been met, and if the desired changes in employee behavior, opinions, knowledge and/or skills have taken place. The scope of training evaluation tools range through four levels, to gauge:

  • Participant Satisfaction – their reaction to the training, sometimes called “smile sheets”
  • Participant Learning – the new knowledge, skills, or attitudes they absorbed
  • Participant Behavior – the skills and knowledge they are applying, the learning transference to the job
  • Business Results – the measurable impact, the return on training investment

 Sexton & Company will work with you to decide which evaluation level(s) will be the most beneficial for the type of training used by your organization. Call us today to find out more about the training evaluation tools or system we can design for you.