Script Writing/Storyboards/Content Creation

Do you associate good scriptwriting with training? You probably connect a script with movies, TV or Broadway shows, maybe even a commercial. But training? Really?  

Really! In the hands of a good scriptwriter, the goals of training are delivered in a way that precisely resonates with the target audience. It might be to teach, communicate, open minds to new ideas or ways of doing things, introduce or expand, motivate, or to create urgency. Perhaps it’s detailing a complex process, or presenting product info that requires a thorough understanding of the material. Or, a concept that requires an effective way to “sell” the message and position the training to answer the ever-present question, “what’s in it for me?” A talented scriptwriter nails the message in simple, effective language that stays within the context of the training. 

The Sexton & Company team is often called on to create scripts and storyboards for a whole program, a big idea, a new product rollout, or to help deliver change throughout an organization. We have a supreme understanding of how to create precise communications targeting a specific audience. It’s kind of a marketing and advertising thing… and yes, we’re experienced in that too!