Train the Trainer

When it comes to corporate training that makes an instant, lasting, and positive impact, our Train-the-Trainer program takes the prize. Typically delivered as a 3- or 4-day session, we come onsite to work directly with your people. Based on an upfront analysis, our Train-the-Trainer can be customized specifically for your organization’s needs, structure, and participants. We can key in on industry-specific language and challenges, or target specific areas to boost your team’s effectiveness in their training efforts.

Training is not one-size-fits-all, so why send your people through a generic Train-the-Trainer workshop, when a customizable solution is available to you at a budget-friendly price? And, because we come to you, the expense and extra time associated with employee travel is eliminated.

Call Sexton & Company today to learn the many ways your organization can benefit from a customized Train-the-Trainer solution.